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An Investment Journey with a difference - Low Risk / High Return - a limited opportunity!

Realise (y) our Potential

Imagine combining investment with fun and excitement - look no further!

Small Worlds presents a unique opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking family attraction with high ROI (IRR>200%). We are not a start-up. We are committed, we are building - it is happening!

This new venture is the only of its kind in the GCC. Even on prudent projections, it promises a ride of profits and success (NPV>12x capital). Join us - secure your spot in this exclusive opportunity before it closes! We will open the attraction after the summer and be profitable by year-end.

We have raised over 65% of the capital required – now we are looking to raise the final round of US$ 500k. Minimum tranche is $50k. There are two options: equity loan or JV participation.

Download the pitch deck below and do not hesitate to contact us for more details. We look forward to having you as our partner on this amazing journey.

What we have done already ...

The initial idea for Small Worlds was born in 2019 - Building the first-ever miniature model world in the UAE.

Completed market research, business plan, and investor concept in January 2020

Pre-financing stage for early investors – 2020 to 2023.

2/3 raised to date.

Small Worlds will be the exclusive distribution partner for several German model world material suppliers in the UAE.

Detailed layout and landscape planning for exhibition, café, and shop for the selected location and 2023.

Leased a building with 1600 m2 in the heart of Expo City Dubai in April 2024.

Started operational work with a dedicated team in April 2024.

Handpicked technical team from Europe and the UAE started construction in April 2024.

The first phase will showcase Europe from the sea to the towering mountains in approximately 200 m2.

The final opening will be after summer 2024.

The second (and final) investor stage will close no later than after summer 2024.

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